Monday, February 20, 2012

FRIENDS.....worth keeping for.

                             "Thats what a friend is for, when your lost in darkness and searching for the light, to help you through those lonely nights, when everything around you fails just hold out your hand, and i'll come running, thats what a friend is for." 

                  They say that friends are the one you could lean on if you have problems, the one you could share your secrets, is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway, a building contract you sign with laughter and break with tears, and the one who is willing to sacrifice for you even in times of financial crisis (that's very true, especially to the writer experiences,laugh). I've been through with so many friends, well, that's part of our life, most specially in our teenage years, but there is someone that would really standout.


    The name of the group in the annual dance competition held every Christmas Party @ Blessed Family Doctors general Hospital emerges as the coined name  of our group, EFM for short. Actually I wasn't a part of this group before since I have only joined them 2 days after the party yet I felt that I'm with them. You'll never feel that your new to the group. 

EFM Family

LUCKY 13. 13 different people. 13 different personalities. Joined together to form a Friendship worth keeping for. At first I was doomed when entering the nurses station, everybody seems so busy lurking around here and there, doing stuff and no one would at least bother to talk to me except for Ma'am Tin who orients me. I was quite anxious then thinking of how would I get their attention and eventually know them. Days passed by as I invited them to be my friend @ Facebook, I've known that they are the group that is fun to be with. A group whose individual personality collides with each other to form a friendship that is unbreakable. 
Lurking around Baguio.

"You're in the BEST group Sir"  lines from Sir Jonathan Doria in one of his comment in facebook, welcoming me to the group. Yes, he is indeed right, with my 2months stay with them, I may say and shout out, "Hell yeah, I'm really with the best group" Ang sarap magtrabaho                   kung ang mga kasamay mo ay mga eto. No room for dull moments, just fun. There's this just one thing I noticed with the group, PALAKAIN, most of the time, every after duty they see to it to go at any food shoppe to eat (hindi naman ako tatanggi dahil I'd also love to eat, halata naman sa katawan ko) LOMI, PIGAR-PIGAR, MCDO, CHOWKING, JOLLIBEE and MATUTINA name them all, nakainan na nang grupo iyan, oh diba? ang laki kasi nang mga stomach namin. 
Pigar Pigar at its BEST


Maming pinagsaluhan ng marami!

I specially admire this group coz even though that I'm just a newbie, they didn't let me feel that way, they still invited me to join their Baguio Trip, this made me more closer to them, yung inexpect kong ma OOP ako, it didn't happen and it turn out na mas kinausap ko pa sila ng todo. 
If you are going to look sa group picture namen (although hindi kompleto) parang belong na belong na ako, duon nalang ako napatawa at napangiti sa isang tabi. THIS GROUP HAS NO PRETENTIONS AT ALL. How I really wish that this group wouldn't change and still the same group Ive know before., Being with them for two months was like being with for a year. The group whose smiles are ready for you no matter how toxic the day was, they are willing to set aside all those things and gave you a fun filled duty day. Im really looking forward to be with them and to share with those laughters, tears and joys. All the good things never lasts, but those memories with them are always there to be cherished. Thank You to my EFM Family for warmly welcoming to group. I love you all guys.

I would want to share some of best pics Ive ever had with them.

Camp John Hay

Together Forever.

Burnham Park

Group Picture.

Cinematic Photo @ Botanical Garden

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A New Chapter Unfolds

         Finally my dreams turns into reality. The best gift for me in 2011. After long years of waiting finally eto na eto. RN na ako (Rich Na!) sana nga. Haha. Hello there bloggista, its been a while since Ive posted here, its been a busy long week for me, and this is only the time na nakaluwagluwag. Thank God for that..So much for that, well this is a new chapter for me, a new chapter to unfold, a new beginning, a new challenges to conquer, life after all is an adventure. 

Mangatarem District Hospital

                I want it to begin this when ive received the good news, it was Rhein my friend who informed it to me thru call, i was ecstatic when ive known it to the point that our novena with my family was interrupted, It was a fun, joy and tears that filled our house back then, and one thing that comes my mind after that was to thank God for that. From that moment of being on a cloud 9 for several days, Ive already starting working on my requirements for volunteer nurse at Mangatarem District Hospital. I took my IV training at Region 1 Medical Center and BLS Training at Red Cross Dagupan, from then on Ive already wroked in the said District Hospital. Some questions it that sa dami dami daw ng hospital bakit sa district pa, ive just answered them that I still want to have a smooth phase oftransition from being a student to a professional, kumbaga ayokong mabigla besides govt hospital provides good training because we will handle patients with no holds barred.

Blessed Family Doctors General Hospital

                My goal is to stay there for three months, that would be enough to suffice me when ive plan to transfer to private and tertiary hopsital. Pero mas napa aga pa pala ng ilang weeks becuse heto na ive already received a call for me to start there. BLESSED FAMILY DOCTORS GENERAL HOSPITAL. This is where im currently employed as a Junior Staff Nursr, at first i was a bit hesitant to work here but as days goes by, masaya naman pala, with new friends known hindi mahirap ang trabaho kung sila naman ang kasama mo I was amazed with them sobra (sa ibang topic ko na lang ilalahad ang lahat about sa grupong eto) and after 2months of working here, it gains me more knowledge and skills. Tama nga ang nasa utak ko, I dont believe with what others said, connoting that you wouldnt get enough training when you are in a private hospital. Hindi eh, Ive gained a lot, sobra, if way back then I have only filled my brain up to 1/2 of it, now ive added more of what it is right now, im also happy that from 4th floor(Ward-pedia,male,female,ob) inilipat na ako sa 3rd floor na Ward din naman ngunit Airconditioned na, haha. Sarap sa pakiramdam. I have yet to tell all, as soon as days passes by, maikwekwento ko din yan, basta right now, Im enjoying my stay here and hopes to stay here until my requirements in Dubai has been met. So long!

A Crazy Little Thing Called BOB ONG Books.

Ang Dalawang Librong akda ni Bob Ong.
        Admit it or not, not all of us are fond of reading novel, fiction, horror or whatever book it may be. It needs a lot of interest for you to at least read or just browse a single page. Like in my case, I usually go to a nearest bookstore and stay there for an hour just to see some good books to read. These two books shown in above inset photos catches my attention. This is already familiar to you guys, I think 80% of Filipinos knows this (mantakin mo yun, na estimate ko, haha). Marami ang mga isinasang alang ng isang mambabasa bago bumili ng isang libro, lalong lalo na ang Pinoy Joke Book, in my own opinion, they based it on its cover YES, the cover, (so tama pala ang JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER), look at the right photo, who will not get his attention by this inverted text front cover. Mahilig talagang lumikha ang Pinoy ng kakaibang estilo upang maging IN at mabili ang kanyang produkto. 

      I just posted and share this for no reason at all, maybe maengganyo kayong basahin eto, if you happen not to read this pa. I could just say na, this book has its humor, mapapatawa ka nalang sa tabi nang walang dahilan (SIRA-ULO), nakakaloko at nakaka Bobo. Minsan you'll get affected and ask for yourself, 

"ay oo nga", 
"tama nga sya", 
"ganyan din ako eh", 
"nangyari na eto sakin." 

         I still have only his two books, and I want to buy yung iba pa (sana magka pera na or sana may mag sponsor).  Anyways, I get to browse some infor about Mr. Bob Ong and here's a glimpse of it:

Bob Ong o Roberto Ong, ay ang sagisag panulat ng isang contemporaryong Pilipinong manunulat na kilala sa paggamit ng impormal na Filipino sa paggawa ng nakakatawa at sumasalaming paglalarawan sa buhay bilang isang Pilipino.
Mula sa isang kritiko :
" Biling-bili ng mga Pinoy ang mga akda ni Bob Ong dahil may halo mang pagpapatawa ang karamihan sa kanyang mga libro, ito ay prinisinta sa paraang nagrereplika pa rin ng kultura at gawing Pilipino. Ito marahil ang dahilan kung kaya't ang kanyang mga naunang inilathalang libro - pati ang mga susunod pa, ay matuturing na ring totoong Pinoy classics."
         Again, for those who haven't try reading this one, I strongly suggest this. So, till my next post guys, hope you've enjoyed reading. So Long!

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Mini Reunion

Rain. Its more fun in Baguio.


It's been a while since Im with my closest friends during my college years, and being with them again is so exciting and intimate as we've shared so many things that happened when we were not together. It started as a plan, I invited them to go to the Our Lady of Manaoag Church for them to ask guidance to our Mary for them to pass na sa board exam. Akala ko hindi na matutuloy pero buti nalang natuloy eto, masaya ako siobra.
Quincy and Me enjoying the rain.
Our Lady of Manaoag

This is the day, 5am when they leave in Manila, ako nasa Pool Party along with my other friends not knowing na umaga na pala, I went home immediately to prepare kahit na my eyes are still closing, all the stuff ginawa ko na and then BEEEP ng phone ko "andito na kami sa Urdaneta" candy texted me, WHOOOAAAT, eh hindi pa nga ako nakaka alis diba? haha. I immediately waited for the bus to arrive. Finally, when i was already riding the bus, I was thinking ako ang nagplano pero ako ang late, haha. Eventually dumating na din ako.

We had the mass first and ask the guidance of Our Lady Of Manaoag and then light the candle
for our wishes. A lot of things happen, a lot of laughter, na miss lang namin ang isat isa ng sobra. 

Floating Candle
From there we've planned to go to Baguio since its just 1 hour from there.But oops, for them they had a problem since they dont have enough money, hahaha we were all laughing, but then anjan talaga ang Diyos para suportahan kami, nakagawa padin kami ng paraan. We went to Baguio at late afternoon na mga 2pm na, at alam namin na by 7pm we have to go home nadin, (Oh diba lakas trip lang, mayaman eh) What is more important for us is our bonding and the time we are together, 1 day lang eto eh.

Candy, Quincy and Me. 
ULAN. Iyan ang sumalubong samen sa Baguio. Oh diba ilang oras na nga lang ang ilalagi namin doon umulan pa. Weve only went to Mines View over seeing the mountains with fog. We've passed by The Mansion, Camp John Hay but didnt stay there for long because of the weather. weve just decided to go to SM Baguio to feed our stomach, siguro yun na din ang last stopnamin dahil wala na ding oras, naubos ang oras nang dahil sa ulan na yan sobra. While eating at Chowking Restau, the rain finally stop, and what a beautiful Rainbow ended our stay at Baguio. I will my friends a lot Ihope to see them again, and sana by that time Registered Nurse na sila. I Love You my friends.
Honey Chicken!!!

This Rainbow ended our stay in Baguio. What a nice view. Alluring.

Time of My Life!

August 20, 2011 5pm. This was the best time in my life wherein I have achieved what I have wanted for years, It was struggle before Ive made this but it was so fulfilling that Its not just Ive achieved something for myself but also for my family and friends.

Im very happy to have this as well as so overwhelmed and so thankful to God for without Him I may not achieve this. Sometime you just ask for a cup and what God gave you was a glass. Currently I'm now a Nurse at Blessed Family Doctors General Hospital as a Junior Nurse and hoping to be Senior Staff Nurse sometime.

Something New. Somethimg Fresh.

            Well, this is my first ever blog I've ever made (not actually, but for me alone), it's quite new and exciting though, an online diary with all the day activities posting right here would be so FUNtastic. Ready for some breeze of adventure, that's what really who I am, getting my self for new adventure is what simply FLEXIBLE defines of. Though Im quite busy with my work as a health care provider, Im still open for something that would let my wildest side comes out.You'll get to know me, when the days passed by. As what is my blog name, Im just simple and just goes with the flow. Something New and Something Fresh,indeed.