Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A New Chapter Unfolds

         Finally my dreams turns into reality. The best gift for me in 2011. After long years of waiting finally eto na eto. RN na ako (Rich Na!) sana nga. Haha. Hello there bloggista, its been a while since Ive posted here, its been a busy long week for me, and this is only the time na nakaluwagluwag. Thank God for that..So much for that, well this is a new chapter for me, a new chapter to unfold, a new beginning, a new challenges to conquer, life after all is an adventure. 

Mangatarem District Hospital

                I want it to begin this when ive received the good news, it was Rhein my friend who informed it to me thru call, i was ecstatic when ive known it to the point that our novena with my family was interrupted, It was a fun, joy and tears that filled our house back then, and one thing that comes my mind after that was to thank God for that. From that moment of being on a cloud 9 for several days, Ive already starting working on my requirements for volunteer nurse at Mangatarem District Hospital. I took my IV training at Region 1 Medical Center and BLS Training at Red Cross Dagupan, from then on Ive already wroked in the said District Hospital. Some questions it that sa dami dami daw ng hospital bakit sa district pa, ive just answered them that I still want to have a smooth phase oftransition from being a student to a professional, kumbaga ayokong mabigla besides govt hospital provides good training because we will handle patients with no holds barred.

Blessed Family Doctors General Hospital

                My goal is to stay there for three months, that would be enough to suffice me when ive plan to transfer to private and tertiary hopsital. Pero mas napa aga pa pala ng ilang weeks becuse heto na ive already received a call for me to start there. BLESSED FAMILY DOCTORS GENERAL HOSPITAL. This is where im currently employed as a Junior Staff Nursr, at first i was a bit hesitant to work here but as days goes by, masaya naman pala, with new friends known hindi mahirap ang trabaho kung sila naman ang kasama mo I was amazed with them sobra (sa ibang topic ko na lang ilalahad ang lahat about sa grupong eto) and after 2months of working here, it gains me more knowledge and skills. Tama nga ang nasa utak ko, I dont believe with what others said, connoting that you wouldnt get enough training when you are in a private hospital. Hindi eh, Ive gained a lot, sobra, if way back then I have only filled my brain up to 1/2 of it, now ive added more of what it is right now, im also happy that from 4th floor(Ward-pedia,male,female,ob) inilipat na ako sa 3rd floor na Ward din naman ngunit Airconditioned na, haha. Sarap sa pakiramdam. I have yet to tell all, as soon as days passes by, maikwekwento ko din yan, basta right now, Im enjoying my stay here and hopes to stay here until my requirements in Dubai has been met. So long!

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